The different beverage options available these days

The different beverage options available these days

Why are you limited to cold drinks and water only when there are so many beverages in the world? Why are you not in touch with coffee beans supplier Abu Dhabi or tea supplier?

Majority of us prefer drinks and water only. We forget that there are many other beverage as well. Some of them are even flavorsome but some are too bad to taste. Yet, it is important to taste every beverage to know the world. Some of the must-try beverages are:

1) Coffee: Coffee is the most favorite beverage of everyone. Its taste and flavor awake and energize people easily. There are different types of coffees and coffee beans. Each bean and its variety has different taste. Besides, there are different types of coffee drinks; espresso, latte, Americano, Mocha and many others. Espresso is the most popular one. However, it sounds easy to make it, only a few companies can serve you the best espresso.

2) Tea: Tea is another energizing and awakening beverage. Its powder made of tea leaves. It is basically an Asian beverage. They have it after dinner and in breakfast to make their nights and morning satisfying. There are different kinds of tea: Kashmiri tea, Green Tea, Milk Tea or Doodh patti, Black tea and many others. Green tea is good for health. It helps in losing weight. Kashmiri tea is must-try, on the other hand. Thus, each has its own flavor. So, try each of them.

3) Smoothies: If you are fruit and veggie lover, then take out blender and mix all of your favorite fruits with yogurt and ice and get the best smoothie. You can blend berries and banana to get berry smoothie which would cool your mind and body. Moreover, you can blend green fruits with spinach to get something pleasing. Thus, it is up to you what you want to drink. So, use your creativity and get the dream smoothie.

4) Milkshakes: Milkshakes cannot be ignored. Their sweet flavor with creaminess and smoothness of milk is must-try. There are many milkshakes which you should try. One of them is Oreo milkshake and strawberry milkshake. Oreo milkshake gives you taste of vanilla, Nutella and Oreo. The milkshake is very rich. It can fill your tummy instantly. Strawberry milkshake, as its name suggests, have strawberries, milk and vanilla ice-cream (sometimes).

So, these are some beverages which you should try and make your week not-too-bad. They will give boost to your taste-buds who might get bored of your old foods and beverages. So, if you are eager to try them, then buy coffee beans, fruits and get something different from


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