Quick guide to eating like a Filipino

Quick guide to eating like a Filipino

Perhaps you love to eat out at the Filipino food restaurant in Dubai or you are just greatly inspired by them and their traditions and you want to partake in it. Whichever it is, we believe there’s a different kind of essence in enjoying the food its traditional way and if you believe the same, then keep on reading to find out how to eat like a true Filipino and gain the maximum benefits and flavours of Filipino food.

  • Food is more than just nourishment

You must have understood this by now that having food in the Filipino culture is a lot more than just physical nourishment. It is the time of the day when the whole family comes together and have conversations, get close to one another and interact. This is the reason that Filipino food is known to bring people together and also the centre of attention to any celebration and gathering.

  • The process of eating shouldn’t stop

You will be shocked to see how much Filipinos eat in a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the usual ones with rice, meat and egg as the staple ingredient in there. But this isn’t it. Filipinos are known to eat several different snacks and sweet dishes in between which is known as merienda that’s made out of anything but rice – because that’s reserved for full course.

  • Rice is the staple food

No Filipino meal is completed without rice because it is one of those foods which will be consumed in every part of the day, then whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is the starchy plan flavour and texture of rice that makes it the perfect companion to salty and savoury local dishes. There are many different types of rice that Filipinos enjoy eating which would include, cooked white rice, burnt rice, left over rice or even fried rice – it’s enjoyable as long as it’s rice.

  • Spoon is more handy than fork

Because rice is one of the staple dishes, it is a bit hard to manage the grains on a fork which is why most of the people like using spoon as it have more surface area to accommodate more rice on it but it’s more about preference just the way Chinese food delivery can be devoured with chopsticks, fork or spoon simultaneously.

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