Witches in Print; Or How the Patriarchy Weaponized the Printing Press to Silence Independent Women, published on the Women's Museum of California website.


Why I No Longer Need Feminism; How Breitbart Taught Me that the Patriarchy is a Figment of My Imagination, included in American Fly Trap No. 1, The Post Truth Issue. Published by Rotland Press.


Before the Patriarchy, We Were All Free Bleeders, included in The Moon Zine #19, Period, March 2017


On Fear and Insecurity in Dubai


Enough Already with Christopher Columbus


Feminist Advice From the City of Broad Shoulders, editor and essay contributor. 


 Advice From a Feminist Killjoy on the Precipice of Losing Her Shit, included in the exhibition catalog for Finocchio.  Read the other essays here.


A Very Condensed History of Women Printmakers in America, included in the Spring / Summer 2016 of the Mid American Print Council Journal, available in its entirety here.


Thanks Sweetheart, or, musings on sexism in academia


Review of "There is a Screen" at LVL3, featured on Chicago Artist Writers.