2015 - 2017


When we began collaborating as a reinterpretation of WITCH in 2015, we could not have foreseen the current social and political climate, or the mass uprising of anonymous WITCH chapters around the country - the power and potential of which cannot be ignored. We encourage everyone to continue to practice and perform rituals to fight against inequality in all of its forms, but in order to make space for the creation of an anonymous WITCH chapter in Chicago, we are no longer organizing public ritual actions. The website now serves solely as an archive of past events.

Witches were the first guerrilla warriors and resistance fighters.
In its very inception, witchcraft was an act of social protest, and witches sought to address the needs of the least powerful and to share their knowledge and skills to fight oppression.
We use theater, performance, and the powers inherent inside us to demand social justice and equality for all.
We fight against social inequality and those who use money and positions of authority to employ racism, classism, sexism, ableism and homophobia to oppress those less powerful.
We aim to protect and heal all of those who struggle for a more just society and as a result of oppression.
Nothing scares the patriarchy more than a non-conformist, sexually liberated, independent thinker.
Nothing scares the patriarchy more than a WITCH.